August 6

Arcade Golf Games

Arcade games are quite popular, including sports games like rugby, basketball, golf, etc. Such games focus more towards faster game plays and high scores, adding to their competitive nature.

Arcade golf games make a great sales tool for trade show contests, parties, corporate events and even putting practice. They even boast of realistic sounds and running commentary. They come fully equipped with a golf course graphic screen, PVC golf balls and tethered balls, electronic mat, a putting hole, putting green mat, tee, electronic module and flag. All you will have to do is get the clubs.

The Golden Tee is one such golf arcade game phenomenon. It has rivaled the pool table and the dartboard as a popular bar game. Since it is a coin-operated game, the money it makes goes to the distributor. The trajectory of the ball, usage of the backspin and controls to increase your shot accuracy can all be found in such golf arcade games. Some enthusiasts, who can afford to, also buy and keep such games at home. If they are married, then all they need is an extremely supportive and understanding spouse! The electronic golf arcade games need batteries to run, though they are not included in the package itself. You can buy them online or otherwise. These games have options for single or multi-player tournaments. Some have ticket dispensers, coin mechanisms or a free play mode. They also have built-in wheels, which makes them easily portable. The PGA Tour Golf 2006 Challenge Home Edition is an awesome design which even allows you to tee off during your choice of dawn, dusk or midday, with effects like fog and rain which actually affect the game. Everything is incredibly detailed, from the waterfalls and trees to the dimples on the ball. You can even make the golfer look like you or your best friend!

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