February 18

Getting Bored! Play Stick Wars Hacked Unblock at www.muchgames.com

Are you tired after having a stressful day? Are you letting off steam after jogging or having a long afternoon?  Game lovers, who are adults and also teens, would do anything to get back to relaxation by playing games. This is where you can enjoy Stick Wars Hacked.

Play stick wars hacked unblock at www.muchgames.com and got rid of boredom. Stick wars hacked is developed and built from the previous versions of Stick Wars. It is among the best games that are ever built in the gaming world. The other thing that makes you game differently at Much Games is that you do not need to download it into your mobile device or computer. You simply require accessing our website and starting enjoying.

http://www.muchgames.com/games/stick-war-hacked as you need not have to worry about the space trouble on your phone or personal computer, the version of your mobile device being out-dated, the requirement of the system. Stick wars hacked gives at many games gives you the best of experiences. You will get build castles right from scratch. In this game, playing stick wars hacked will then lead you for conquering your enemies along with the armies that you build during the game.

Play stick wars hacked unblock at www.muchgames.com will give you an amazing experience as it is a multilevel and multiplayer game.  The enemies will swell up and rebel and then you need to take charge to bring them into control. You are going to need an emulator of the game controller if you are playing this game on your mobile device. The game controller emulator will serve the purpose of the keyboard or the consoles of the x-box that will assist you in playing the gaming in an easier way.  The right button of the mouse of your computer can be used for selecting and activating the abilities whereas the right button of the mouse will help in moving and attacking. The “H” will assume the holding position while “A” will toggle along with moving the troops.  The combat units that you would require can be selected using the “Space Bar”. Holding the shift key will issue commands to the queues. To select a unit you need to double click whereas for a minor selection you need to be able to go for gold mining along with the miners. Therefore, to enjoy the best flash games, Stick Wars Hacked is the best option.

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November 22

Where to Find the Best Free Online

You can easily find the latest in free online games. Play the latest free online games here, as well as find out more about these free games online.

Play A Navle Battle for free. This is no Pirate of the Caribbean, but a Japanese arcade game which has you adjusting your cannons charge, depending upon the winds direction, and there just two directions in the game, East and West. A Navle Battle is a pretty straight forward game; you can play it again and again, it does have score keeping, if yours is amongst the first ten, it asks for your name and adds it to the high scores sheet. The games language is Japanese, with only two English words “Player” that is you and “Enemy” that’s the ship you are suppose to hit; but the game is easy to get around in, since you only have to estimate the charge, press the button and release the cannon’s projectile. If it hits the other ship you score, the damage indicator on the top of the screen shows how much damage the ship has taken and how much more it can take, before it sinks. Once the other ship is completely damaged, it sinks. That’s the game over there, but you can go on playing and scoring. No actual challenge offered by the game here.

Check out Bikini Bounce. Yup! Now this is what a game should be! Feminists please excuse! The main aim of Bikini Bounce is to, make you bounce between two female boo boos. It’s quite refreshing, to see an arcadegame with amazing colors and a unique game play. You are a man, who has to jump or rather bounce on the breasts of the model shown and collect prizes, you cannot afford to land in the cleavage or bounce off to either sides of the wall, if you do bounce and hit the wall, you die. You have three lives to score (pun intended) and there are levels to go through and to. This is one game that really bounces you up (pun intended again.)

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November 19

Deer Hunting Arcade

If you are looking for a deer hunting arcade online, then you certainly don’t have to look far to find one. Hunting games are among the most popular games begin played online today, and deer hunting games are right a the top of the list.

Think about it: whereas many kinds of animals, such as moose, elk, etc, you can only find in certain states, you can find deer in practically any state you go to, albeit in different numbers. This is why these games are so popular-anybody can relate to deer hunting.

Of course, the games online vary in quality, sometimes a lot. How can you know which deer hunting arcade is the best one for you? it’s actually not that difficult. Find some friends you know how hunt, and ask them which deer games they prefer. Go down to your local computer game store, and see which ones are hot.

In fact, this might be your best option, simply because the stores are only displaying the games that people are buying. Therefore, you won’t waste time browsing through thousands of sites trying to find the best one; just go down to the store and buy the ones you see there. Yes, it will cost some money, but if you want to find a decent quality game online, you’d be paying a monthly fee anyway, so it will probably actually save you money in the long run.

Try and focus on games that allow you to have more options, such as choosing the season, the specific spot you will be hunting in (woods, open field, etc) the kind of gun you can fire, and in some cases, even the weather conditions. The more choices they give you, the higher quality you can expect the game to be, and of course the more you can simulate it to the kind of conditions you will be experiencing in real life.

In fact, these games are so realistic, they actually simulate real life deer movements, and therefore you can learn to analyze them and predict them better, which might even come into play in real life. Imagine the surprise on your friends faces when you nail that buck, after not even being able to fire straight the last time out?

Also, imagine telling them you learned how to hunt from playing a deer hunting arcade online! Believe it or not, these games can help you improve your real life skills, so don’t take this aspect of them for granted.

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November 18

Why We Play Games

There exists some ephemeral quality that separates gamers from the rest of humanity, some thing that makes us, us and them, not us. I’ve never been able to quite put my finger on it, but it is inescapably there. Today, in hopes of moving closer to that essential quality of gamerosity, we examine part of what makes us tick. In particular, we take a look at what draws different types of gamers to the hobby. Every gamer plays for different reasons, but there are common threads that tie the experience together.

Many gamers are motivated by the challenge a game can present. Success in a game may be governed by any of a wide variety of abilities. A First Person Shooter requires twitch reflexes, a steady hand and the ability to remain calm under pressure. A word puzzle game may require an extensive vocabulary and the ability to rethink the uses of old words, but no measure of speed. A sports simulation might well require an in-depth knowledge of the topic, in addition to arcade skill, but is unlikely to have terribly much concern for linguistic acumen.

The common thread is that all of the games challenge some subset of a player’s abilities. This challenge can be a powerful motivator. The Challenge Motivated gamer is drawn to a game that tests their skills, preferably one that tests them to their limits. The gamer may also be motivated by the natural improvement that comes from working at peak. They are driven then, not only to excel, but to improve. Challenge Motivated Gamers thrive whenever a game pushes their skill set of choice, but may be disinterested in games that fall too far away from the target.

Competition is a close cousin of challenge. Many gamers are driven by the need to prove they are the best, to be pitted against their fellows and come out on top. Competition minded gamers range from those looking for a challenge in a fair fight to the sort of win-at-all cost leet speaking infants that give us all a bad name. Competition can be easy to take too far. There is nothing inherently wrong with being driven by competition. To some extent, competition is merely challenge taken to the extreme. It is only when it leads to mistreating your fellow player that it begins to become less a motivation and more an unfortunate personality quirk. Competition Motivated players thrive on those games where they are pitted against one another with the outcome dictated by skill at playing the game. They will often wane in those environments that either require cooperation, such as many MMORPGs, or in games where skill plays a much smaller role, such as in less sophisticated card or dice games.

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November 17

Highly Effective Way To Reduce Stress

The best way for boiling down stress is by having a stress relief sport. There are a lot of forms of tension relief games, both outdoor and indoor. For indoor games, one of the popular choices present is computer games, although out-of-door games can be some sport or activity which might give you some workout. Though there’s not a good deal proof that tension relief plots will give relief from tension, it’s really very effective in bringing down tension.

Computer tension relief games are accessible on CDs or net. It’s possible to avail of internet games from both free and pay internet sites. There are a few sites which offer free exhibit editions for you to examine, so that you’ll know if they’re indeed effective in offering tension relief. If you find the games are fascinating sufficient to keep the mind away your problems, you will be able to order them later.

Also, there are a lot of tension relief games which can be downloaded. You can visit cyberspace directories to acquire a lot of about these tension relief games. A few of the popular tension relief games nowadays are arcade, Minesweeper, Sudoku, Hearts and Solitaire.

The reason why these games are believed tension relief games is as they’re alike to concentrative speculation. While you practice concentrative speculation, you tend to concentrate on one specific object, audio, or picture, and forget about others.

When you’re playing a tension relief game which you relish, your attention is centered on the game, and you’ll blank out about the effective root of your tension. In a few cases, you might also get some thrill while playing the game, or maybe, you’ve to apply your mind to accomplish an end in the game. With these, your mind might get the rejuvenation which it requires to overcome tension.

Tension relief games might also be out-of-door games, like ball and tennis. By playing your preferred sports, you’ll find it lighter to blank out about your tension as your bodily exhaustion might tire the tension hormones in the body. When the tension hormones are feebler, you’ll find that affirmative physiologic changes will happen. This will successively lead to easiness of both your mind and body.

As you are able to see, playing a tension relief game might help you deviate your attention from your concerns and provide you tension relief. Playing an outdoor tension relief game might also develop the same outcomes, while it also feeds you the extra benefit of draining the tension hormones of the body. Whichever tension relief game you opt, you can be certain that you’ll acquire relief from your tension.

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October 16

Relieve Your Stress by Playing Games

Everybody needs a bit of stress relief from time to time, sadly we aren’t all flexible to do yoga, or have the patience to meditate. So what better way to relieve your stress? By playing the best games online of course! If you choose the right games websites, then there are a plethora of games out there to sink your teeth into, no matter what your favourite genre, or even how old you are. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic games you can play.

Some of the best games online are arcade games. There is just something about the thrill of surviving, the chase to beat your top score, and of course, that quest to stay awake after sinking hours into your favourite online games. Make sure you choose a website that has a large array of online games though, that way you will certainly find something that you want to play for hours upon end.

Next are action games. These ‘fast paced’ games are perfect for those that want to put their dexterity and reactions to the test. In these games you will be presented with challenges that just get harder and harder. The only way to succeed will be to develop skills, and sometimes your avatar to master the intense amount of power that it will take to get through a situation. These games are really the ones which will pull you in and keep you entertained for hours. You really will wonder where all that time has gone!

If you are looking for a bit of action, but coupled with a bit of a storyline then the best games online for you will be ones that are classed as ‘adventure’. These games have been finely crafted to keep you entertained from start to finish, whether it is through intense amounts of combat, or perhaps through a bit of puzzle. When searching for the best games online, make sure you choose the type of adventure that you want to embark on the most, after all, you will be playing this game for a long time to come!

Everybody loves racing right? Of course they do, so if you are looking to speed along the road without picking up a speeding ticket, then the best games online will be ones that have racing elements. Whether you are looking for formula driving, ATV or something else, the best game sites should have you covered.

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to relieve stress is by playing the best games online. And what better way is there to relieve stress than by playing ‘funny games’. These laugh-a-minute games will put you in fantastic situations that will have you roaring with laughter.

This is just a small smattering of what you can expect from the best games online, you also have strategy, shooting, sports and puzzle games. There really is something to keep everybody hooked from start to finish! Don’t forget to check out the top games that other people are playing. That way you know that you are going to be playing quality!

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October 15

The 5 Best Arcade Apps

Ah, the classics. Shakespeare. Beethoven. Space Invaders.

The days of pumping quarter after quarter into a bulky console to feel the thrill of fending off primitively rendered space-monsters are gone, but the fascination remains. Back then, the consumer spent two bits for eight-bit graphics and considered it a bargain. The action had to be simple and extremely addictive, because it wasn’t going to be realistic or visually lush. That bred extremely addictive and playable games.

We searched for the best versions of arcade classics for the iPhone, and here is what we found:

Space Invaders, Taito ($2.99): With classic arcade games, you have to decide whether you are looking for the perfect iPhone copy of the original, or whether you want what the game could have been, with slightly more memory or processing power. Taito favored nostalgia, producing a miniature Space Invader console, down to the artwork on the machine itself. Bonus: includes original “bad guy” pen-and-ink doodles, answering the age-old question, “what were they thinking?” If you’re not familiar with the game, wave after wave of evil two-dimensional aliens descend upon earth firing missiles, and eventually always kill you. You know, the Gen-X thing.

PAC MAN, Namco ($4.99): Before PAC MAN was a misbehaving football player, he was a round guy that ate energy dots in a maze, pursued by angry ghosts. Namco’s faithful reproduction recreates 100 levels of the lost youth of America’s middle-aged population. Want a one-level sample? Try PAC MAN Lite. Also available: Ms. PAC MAN. It’s different because the hungry pie-chart has a bow and lipstick.

Galaga Remix, Namco ($4.99): Namco’s also done for Galaga what it did for PAC MAN, but struck out in their own direction as well, updating and upgrading an alternate version of the game in the same app. The classic game plays just like the original, except that the controls are tougher to handle, because they’re about 1/10th actual size. Still the best Galaga re-make out there.

Guardian Missile Commander, Trenton Henry (free): For our money, the free Guardian raises the ante on Atari’s $4.99 Missile Command. Guardian only slightly updates the 2-D graphics of the original, whereas Atari does a full reload (but also offers a “classic mode.”) Guardian re-interprets the original’s logic, building its features level by level. Where it shines is the plot device that puts each level’s new features into context through Associated Press and Intelligence reports. I found myself believing–and remembering my classic Missile Command games a whole new way. Oh, the humanity….

iJoust Classic Arcade, Ecoshop Holding LLC ($0.99): Joust involves a number of fanciful improbabilities. The Joust world consists of overhanging rock ledges, and is populated almost exclusively by knights mounted on flying ostriches. Collect golden eggs for some reason, and use the “Magic” button to fry the enemy en masse. If you understood the original arcade classic, you’ll get iJoust Classic Arcade. The gameplay and graphics are just about identical. Sentimental favorite; An old girlfriend once opined, when the local machine’s Magic button broke, “the magic has gone out of our relationship.”

These simple games will evidently be with us for a long time after their original relevance has expired. Whether you’re new to the genre or an adult survivor of early video-game addiction, these apps will surprise you with their elegant simplicity.

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October 14

How to Lower Your Stress by Playing Games Online and Off

Stress relief games? Not too long ago, I hadn’t even heard of the concept. But then, life used to be a whole lot less stressful. Most people’s daily routines gave them all the tension relief they needed. But times have changed. In the age of multi-tasking and ever-expanding workloads, we need all the help we can get to allow our bodies and our emotions to recover from that constant stress overload.

One effective way to ease stress is by physical activity, and sitting in front of a computer all day doesn’t qualify. People used to haul bales of hay, sweep stairs, or plough fields as part of their days’ work, and if they were stressed, that surely would have taken care of excess stress hormones. But what are we supposed to do in cubicle world?

As it turns out, stress relief games, some of them available right on your computer, are just the ticket. If you’re an internet junkie, you probably know all about them already. There are entire websites that specialize in games for stress relief.

If you’d rather get away from the computer, though, there are some excellent offline games you can play as well.

The key is to find games that offer an escape from stress rather than create more of it. Some computer games can easily have the opposite effect from what you want to achieve. You want games that take your mind off whatever is causing tension by making you focus on something else. But you don’t want to start getting stressed all over again.

Here’s a case in point of what can happen: personally, I find Sudoku quite relaxing – but only if it’s not too difficult. It has to be hard enough to be absorbing, but not so hard that I’m starting to worry that I can’t solve it. Some people actually time themselves when doing Sudoku – probably part of making it competitive, but that would spoil it for me.

Here are 5 of the best stress relief games you play to tame excess tension

1. Card games, like Solitaire, that involve logical thinking. You can do these on the computer or the traditional way with a deck of cards.

2. Word games that use your creative and logical thinking processes. When you involve both sides of your brain in an activity, there is little room to focus on the stress.

3. Puzzles of various kinds, like chess, checkers and crosswords. Challenges that are not stressful can be both fulfilling and a relief. These are especially good if your stress is being caused by an especially difficult project. Winning a few games helps restore your confidence and puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle that project. Oh, and of course, Sudoku belongs in that category.

4. Computer games can be fun and relaxing or stressful, so choose wisely. Arcade games can relieve a lot of pent-up tension and anger, but if a time limit is put on the game, this can add to your stress level. If you are adversely affected by certain games, choose different ones next time.

5. Games involving physical activity are especially good for relieving stress, especially if they’re played outdoors. Tennis and golf are two time-tested favorites. The physical exertion decreases the levels of stress hormones that have built up in your body.

Next time you feel the tension rising, take a break. Search online for games that you can enjoy while reducing your stress levels. If time and opportunity permit, get away for awhile. Hit the golf course or tennis court for a quick game.

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October 13

Best Current Handheld Gaming

In the past, kids would be found in local arcades or in their basements playing video games for hours on end. Decades ago, you would see someone reading a book on the subway or train, but now, you would find them with various kinds of handheld games that keep them busy on their daily commute.

Nintendo DS and PSP were the chosen gaming handhelds of the last generation, but the recent rise of mobile phone gaming into the marketplace has threatened mobile gaming devices without cell phone capabilities.

In 2004, the Nintendo DS debuted and it has gone through many new updates. It was the Nintendo DS that introduced gamers to touch screen games in a new perspective. Mario, Brain Age and others were once the popular choices. There are still earlier models on the market, but the most current DS (not including the 3DS) is the Nintendo DSi with a cost of $150. It is able to store content, take digital pictures and download new games. The DSi XL is another variation, but is larger and has a bigger screen. It provides more relaxed viewing. In March 2011, the Nintendo 3DS was launched and retailed for less than $300. It is the real 3D gaming experience that won’t require you to wear glasses, portability is a huge bonus.

The Apple iOS devices have been around for a while now and they have recently stolen the spotlight from Nintendo in the handheld market. Gamers can download from a collection of 50,000 available games on their iTunes marketplaces. Most of these cost as low as 99 cents and some of them are free. The iPod Touch is similar to what the iPhone offers in relation to gaming, but at a lower cost. The iPad is also available for a more engrossing gaming experience. The iPad is a larger handheld device, but has fantastic portability for a tablet computer. It not only allows users to play games, but to read books, browse the internet and has the ability to listen to music. There are no buttons that you have to press- it relies mainly on a touch screen. It makes playing games casual, fun and easy.

iOS devices have relatively mid-level prices depending on the model and the amount of memory. In addition to gaming, they more like portable computers that you can carry around in your pocket or bag. You can use it to watch movies, play games, listen to music, send your emails, and browse the internet. It also has thousands of applications that you can access from spreadsheets to calorie counters.

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September 12

How To Find The Best Strategy

While there are tons of games out there that are graphically rich and meant to take advantage of your computers hardware to render realistic characters, environment and special effects, not a lot of us have the money to spend on gaming rigs to even be able to play these games. Fortunately though, there are also “arcade games” that have been developed that you can play within your browser, making use of flash which doesn’t need quite as much video processing power for you to play. Strategy flash games are one of the most popular genres today, requiring strategy and critical thinking similar to playing a game chess. A popular variation are tower defense flash games which is similar to chess in that you defend against attack, as well as launching attacks of your own. Strategy flash games generally require just a keyboard and mouse to interact with the game and can be played straight from the browser. There is no need to install them once it has been fully loaded.

Strategy flash games provide endless opportunities for fun and challenge for hours at a time. One can typically go online and look for websites that feature flash games. They are typically segregated into different genres and sub-genres. These can include puzzle, shooting, arcade, strategy, RPG (role playing game), Sports and action genres. Some sites can feature hundreds or even thousands of games, and one can probably find them on several different sites. Some websites sometimes pay for exclusivity or at least semi-exclusivity, so you may find the same version of a particular game across several sites, but only one site would probably give you access to special bonuses and levels. Some sites will often encourage you to play particular titles across different genres, sometimes offering in-game rewards and boosts that you can use to your advantage while playing tower defense flash games. Playing on a site focused on flash games also allows you the opportunity of reading through the forums where you can learn and exchange ideas and strategies. It also allows you to meet players with similar interests not necessarily limited to gaming.

Another great place to find strategy flash games are at the sites of the designers themselves. Designers often make more than one game and use their site as a portal for players to experience playing the games directly from them. Many of these developers can be accessed and found on online gaming distribution website such as Mochimedia and Kongregate. These websites allow website developers and gamers to sample and even download these online games, usually in a ‘SWF’ file format. If you have enjoyed a particular game, you can try out many other games that the developers have made with the likelihood of being able to experience the same level of polish across all their titles. In addition to playing strategy flash games and various other genres, you can also provide feedback that can actually influence upcoming titles or even future versions of the same game. Normally, you will be able to rate or comment on a game that you like. Sometimes there will be a link to the game developer’s website where you can contact them directly to share your opinion.

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