September 11

Making Money Online

If anyone thought making money online was only possible through cutting business deals, they are wrong. Worse still is the fact that going to school, seeking a career, and climbing up the corporate ladder is not the only avenue for money minting. Today, fun activities like online games also earn people loads of money. Unrealistic as it may sound, it is big time business for both the player and the software designers. Whether it is a mind game such as chess or an adrenaline packed game such as motocross, there are willing opponents on the other side of the world or within the same neighborhood who are ready to take the challenge. The games come in all types including sports, strategy, card, arcade, word-power and racing games.

For the players or competitors, unlike real-life rugby, motor racing and skiing, these are played behind a computer screen with no threat of bodily harm. Before you can engage in competition you can test your ability or comfort level. This can help you determine whether your chances of winning are realistic. Should there be no realistic chance of winning, you still have your money. Considering that there are millions of online games, you have the freedom to choose the game you are most comfortable with and even determine the competition rules and environment. Online games are also good for gaining extra skill for practical implementation in real life competition. There are also several prices to be won and this can get better depending on the level of the competition if it is classified by level of difficulty.

Of course the biggest disadvantage is that you can end up losing money if you play against a better opponent. The desire to win can increase with every loss that ultimately, A loss essentially means a financial loss. Addiction can also creep in to the extent that a player can forget that there is more to life than playing games online for money. In such a case the best strategy is to play the free games until a higher level of confidence and competence has been attained. As for the software developers there are no major disadvantages to name. Except for the fact that the development and streamlining of the code could take several days and even months, the financial rewards far outstrip any drawbacks.

Considering that there are so many online games, there is a corresponding high number of rules for the various versions. Some of these can even be adjusted to suite the competitors. Indeed online games whether seen from the perspective of the developers or the players, have more to do with the interconnection rather than the format or pattern of the game. Typically, participants each contribute small amounts and the winner takes it all. And the overriding governance is the End User Licensing Agreements that come with each game.

It is worth noting that the games that exist are just but a small fraction of what Internet users’ desire. This reflects the immense opportunities available not just for the gaming developers on the one hand, but also for the players who are ever thirsty for online money making opportunities through games.

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September 10

Best Space Themed Games

Now becomes a time when I want to give you second part of my article about best space themed games. In first part of this article we already see six nice games – AstroAvenger, Barnyard Invasion, Bugatron, Clash’ N Slash and Cosmic Bugs. I hope you find it on my site and already play. Now I want to introduce another seven games. Please, take a time to find it and enjoy.

Desperate Space (by Jagged Blade Software) / Space Shooter

“Experience huge battles in a brand new breed of addictive, asteroids style space shooter!”

Experience huge battles in a brand new breed of addictive, asteroids style space shooter. Desperate Space takes the genre to exciting new levels with its team based gameplay and focus on saving lost civilian ships. Unlike other shooters, this game will deliver non stop action, whilst still provding variety and kinds of fun that simply aren’t found in any other title.

Flyonoid (by Dream Dale Company) / Arcade

“Year 2009… April 38… Monday… No fly with any insect dignity will ever forget this day.”

Yeah, that was the day when hordes of alien scum attacked our little green planet. These monstrous green freaks had harassed three grasshoppers, stolen spots from the lady bug`s wings, but most importantly kidnapped all flies from planet Earth. Some say they took a bug with them, but that information was later reputed by two stampedes that insist it was a bear, not a bug. We can only guess…

Jets N Guns (by RakeInGrass) / Space Shooter

“Classic blasting action shooter in a full metal jacket!”

Jets’n’Guns is a heavy piece of ground-shaking, rock-blasting action dressed in a full metal jacket with graphics that will blow your eyes out! Enjoy yourself with action that is almost insane. Save the universe from the deadly threat of twelve Masters of Destruction in a quest spanning 21 gigantic levels! Stand as one-against-many, armed with fifty different pieces of classy armament fitted tightly to the pitted hull of your spaceship!

KaiJin (by Phelios) / Shooter

“Year 2546 – Planet Terria… You and your ship, the “Kai-jin” are the last hope for the Terrian Kind!”

Year 2546 – Planet Terria. For too long, genetically modified grown food, and pollution from the ocean and environment created a harmful impact on the natural food chain of Planet Terria. The insects and ocean dwellers mutated in wildly unusual ways and became stronger and more intelligent.

Mutant Storm (by Pom Pom Games) / Psychedelic Shooter

“Mutant Storm is furious retro arcade gaming in a state-of-the-art graphics environment. For gamers who want pure action!”

Mutant Storm progresses over 89 levels of psychedelic 3D arenas, that get ever more crowded with nasty beasties. This carnival of frenetic fun is showcased in a cutting edge graphics extravaganza. For gamers who want pure action!

Outpost Kaloki (by Ninjabee) / Strategy Sim

“Race against time to save the princess in Outpost Kaloki, a humorous space station tycoon game!”

In a galaxy far, far away, you are the new leader of the Kaloki Space Tradestation. Balance resources to build outposts that attract visitors and create new revenue streams for your leaders. You will have visitors from all over the galaxy needing everything from food and water to entertainment and agriculture.

Paradoxion (by VSBgames) / Puzzle

“Paradoxion is a true gem for those who like to solve sophisticated logic puzzles!”

Core rules are simple – each level you must clear the board of all elements (like Orbs and Gems) using inventory contents. Elements need to be arranged in standard combinations to be eliminated, for example, Orbs need to be arranged in lines. What is most interesting is that when combination blasts – nearby elements can be shifted by the blast. This ultimately leads to fascinating chain reactions of elements’ blasts!

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September 9

Best Free Online Games

If you’re feeling bored, or simply need a break from the monotony of work, finding the best free online games sites can provide you with entertainment and amusement. After spending a few minutes playing, you should feel refreshed and back in the mood to carry on with your mundane computing chores.

The trouble with many free online games sites is that they often require you to sign up before you play. Any sensible person nowadays is wary of giving their email address to a site they are unfamiliar with. After all, would you give your name,address and telephone number to any stranger in the street who asked you for it? I know I wouldn’t.

Other online games sites spawn lots of annoying popup windows, some of which manage to evade even the best popup blocker software.

On other sites, there are often distracting advertisements on the screen which ruin your gameplay and make it harder for you to achieve your high scores.

I love playing online games, but I just want to get to the best ones with a minimum of fuss and start playing without wasting my precious time. I’ve done some research (probably too much for my own good) to try and identify the factors which make some free games sites good and others a waste of time.

The best free online games sites:

  • Offer different types of games, such as arcade, shooting, MMO, puzzle and word games as well as brain trainers
  • Provide games for all ages
  • Have a good number of games to choose from
  • Use only standard plugins like Shockwave and Flash

The worst free online games sites:

  • Spawn irritating popup windows
  • Demand that you to sign up before you are allowed to play
  • Display annoying, distracting ads alongside the game
  • Require you to download their software
  • Insist that you download their toolbar
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August 8

The Best Soccer Video Game?

Soccer video games are highly popular all around the world and many people wonder what the best soccer video game actually is. That is why I decided to gather some of the best soccer video games, each one in its one genre.

Management Games

Top Eleven 2015 – There is no doubt that Top Eleven 2015 is one of the greatest management games, and I dare to day it is the best soccer video game in the management genre. This game is brilliant on many levels – its graphics are beautiful and wonderfully detailed, it has intuitive and easy controls and the overall experience is just great. Top Eleven 2015 lets you play a football manager, and your mission is to bring your football team to greatness. You are responsible for every aspect of your team’s success – finances, public relations, your player’s health and fitness and much more. If you’re a soccer fan then you will probably like this game a lot.


Active Soccer – I believe Active Soccer is the best soccer video game in the genre of arcade games, mostly because it provides players with a simple, casual and fun experience of soccer playing. It has a classic gameplay, nice graphics and a multiplayer option. You can practice free kicks and penalties, compete in the world cup and enjoy some very cool features that will keep you entertained and excited through the game. Active Soccer is a wonderful arcade game and you should definitely check it out.


Button Football – It was not easy to find the best soccer video game in the casual genre, but Button Football definitely deserves this title. This game is not sophisticated in any way, but it stimulates soccer in a very fun and casual way, and it is suitable even for younger children and for people who are not that much into soccer.

Are Soccer Video Games Suitable for Everyone?

Soccer video games are mostly suitable for people who like to either play or watch soccer, but not necessarily. Some of these games require knowledge of the rules of soccer and therefore are only suitable for soccer fans, but some of these games are casual and only require a basic understanding of soccer, which can be given to the player by a simple tutorial.

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August 7

Best Space Themed Games

Now becomes a time when I want to give you last part of my article about best space themed games. In first two parts of this article we already see 13 nice games – AstroAvenger, Barnyard Invasion, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, Bugatron, Clash’ N Slash, Cosmic Bugs, Desperate Space, Flyonoid, Jets N Guns, KaiJin, Mutant Storm, Outpost Kaloki and Paradoxion. I hope you find it on my site and already play. Now I want to introduce another six games. Please, take a time to find it and enjoy.

Pax Galaxia (by Dio Games) / Strategy

“Conquer the galaxy in this Risk-inspired real time strategy game!”

RISK takes to the stars, but this time the armies move by themselves guided by your past orders. A truly unique and fascinating game of stellar conquest. Of all the games I made, I like this one the best. It was actually very hard for me to force myself to work on it because I just couldn’t stop playing it.

Snowy: Space Trip (by Alias Worlds and Alawar) / Arcade Action

“Our brave Snowy got into a new scrape… now he has to save his funny Green Pals from space monsters! Can you get them safely back to their rocket?”

Our brave Snowy got into a new scrape… now he has to save his funny Green Pals from space monsters. These monsters are coming from portals and guarding their new territory. The Poor Greens are waiting for help! Save them!!! Help Snowy guide his Green Pals to the rocket! Run past the Green and he will follow Snowy. Rack up a super score by collecting a long chain of Greens! Kick items like handcarts and dustbins to defeat monsters and collect as many bonuses as you can!!!

Meteor (by Funny Arts) / Arkanoid

“An addictive breakout action game! You just have to try this game…”

Meteor is an awesome Breakout remake. It is a fantastic game for the entire family. Good, clean fun for people of any age! Features: addictive game-play; moving bricks; attacking spaceships; dynamic power ups; several types of balls and weapons; cool space environments; 90 levels total.

Star Blaze (by Gladiators Software) / Space Shooter

“Star Blaze is a space shooter game, featuring amazing visual effects and high quality graphics!”

Crush your enemies in the depths of the space, deadly grounds, dark ocean waters and reach the core of Retulla planet. Compete enemy hordes and fight mighty bosses. See the ruins of lost civilizations, the beauty of the underwater and horrible underground tunnels. Collect resources and give your ship more firepower to annihilate the dark forces.

Xeno Assault 2 (by Jagged Blade Software) / Space Shooter

“Xeno Assault II will capture your mind with breath taking game play and heart pounding arcade action, the likes of which is rarely seen in a retro shooter!”

Xeno Assault II will capture your mind with breath taking game play and heart pounding arcade action. During the game you will get to use 15 different kinds of powerful weaponry. Some points in the game are bound to seem easy with such a powerful array of earth-shattering weapons…but don’t get too happy! You have 10 HUGE alien boss ships to fight, and believe me, their firepower will always be heavier than yours! Blast aliens and save the universe!

Zzed (by NevoSoft) / Action Puzzle

“New addictive action-puzzler-shooter game with a space twist combines gameplay of Zuma Deluxe and Dinomite Deluxe games!”

Zzed is a new type of puzzler-shooter games that require quick thinking, good reaction and excellent stress management skills. If space waste management carrier sounds good to you (I promise, it’s fun), then download Zzed and start busting away. Space waste management may not sound like the most exciting carrier in the universe, but Zzed had to take the job to be able to marry his lovely green alien sweetheart. At the time, he did not know that his boss was the most corrupted extraterrestrial west of Sirius. And when he found out, he got sent away to the farthest corners of his galaxy, where he was sure to get crushed by space garbage. Will he die? It’s up to you now. Even alien love stories need to have a happy end.

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August 6

Arcade Golf Games

Arcade games are quite popular, including sports games like rugby, basketball, golf, etc. Such games focus more towards faster game plays and high scores, adding to their competitive nature.

Arcade golf games make a great sales tool for trade show contests, parties, corporate events and even putting practice. They even boast of realistic sounds and running commentary. They come fully equipped with a golf course graphic screen, PVC golf balls and tethered balls, electronic mat, a putting hole, putting green mat, tee, electronic module and flag. All you will have to do is get the clubs.

The Golden Tee is one such golf arcade game phenomenon. It has rivaled the pool table and the dartboard as a popular bar game. Since it is a coin-operated game, the money it makes goes to the distributor. The trajectory of the ball, usage of the backspin and controls to increase your shot accuracy can all be found in such golf arcade games. Some enthusiasts, who can afford to, also buy and keep such games at home. If they are married, then all they need is an extremely supportive and understanding spouse! The electronic golf arcade games need batteries to run, though they are not included in the package itself. You can buy them online or otherwise. These games have options for single or multi-player tournaments. Some have ticket dispensers, coin mechanisms or a free play mode. They also have built-in wheels, which makes them easily portable. The PGA Tour Golf 2006 Challenge Home Edition is an awesome design which even allows you to tee off during your choice of dawn, dusk or midday, with effects like fog and rain which actually affect the game. Everything is incredibly detailed, from the waterfalls and trees to the dimples on the ball. You can even make the golfer look like you or your best friend!

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August 5

Mario Arcade

People love playing games at all age groups. In fact most of them are spending their time by fighting across the boredom by playing games that are featured on internet. Computer games have turned out to be a great hit among many people across the globe. Right from small children to elders are equally interested in playing the games very well without causing any issues. It is a common sight seen among many people in the house wherein the grand children are actively playing the computer games along with their grand parents after their daily lessons. This is helping the children to remain in close relation with their grand parents at least for some time in the busy schedules.

Most of them are having at least one internet enabled device that helps them to play the games at least the simplest one without requiring you to download any additional software. These gaming are only possible due to the presence of many developments that happened in the newly developed gaming industry and this refers to the graphic developments. There are many favorite characters in gaming wherein Mario occupies the greatest position with many Mario games online.You can enjoy your gaming time to the level best by playing in the instant mode wherein there are also many games that can be downloaded on to the computer and can be played effectively without causing any issues. You should have a good high speed broad band internet connection in order to play these games very effectively rather than using a slow speed connection.

There are many games available on internet and you can play them only after making the payment. As a result many people may not be able to make use of the games being not in a position to pay the amount. There are also many games that are offered to the people free of cost wherein there is no requirement to pay any amount in order to access the game and start playing. Mario games are the one that fall under the free games category wherein any one can play if you have an internet connection. There are many varieties of Mario games wherein you can even find the most popular racing games, shooting games, puzzles and so on. Go ahead and enjoy with your favorite Mario.

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July 4

Guide for Selecting an Arcade Video Game Multicade Cabinet

There is an important distinction between arcade video game cabinets. Being that they are built in two distinct styles – vertical or horizontal monitor orientation. For example, the computer screen that you are looking at right now is horizontally oriented. Turn the monitor on end, and it would then be oriented vertically. But, it would be real difficult to read. Because, the graphics are formatted for horizontal presentation, not vertical. And, so it is with arcade video games. Thus, there are two types of potential problem when deciding the cabinet to use for a multicade installation. First, the horizontal monitor will usually not fit in a vertical cabinet. And second, vertical screen images will not display correctly on a horizontally mounted monitor, and vice versa.

Almost all the classic arcade video games, like Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger, and Donkey Kong, are played using a vertically oriented (mounted) monitor. There are a few horizontal exceptions, like the Williams’ classics – Defender, Stargate, Joust, etc. Where as, almost all the modern fighting games, like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, use a horizontally oriented (mounted) monitor.

Importantly, the game types (horizontal or vertical) are not immediately interchangeable between the cabinet types (horizontal or vertical). This is because a horizontal game’s monitor likely cannot be made to fit in a cabinet designed for a vertical game. It is possible, for example, to sometimes modify a horizontal cabinet to accept a vertical mount monitor, but the reverse is usually not possible. Cabinets for the two orientation types are built differently. The vertical cabinet will be a few inches more narrow and less deep than the horizontal cabinet.

The point is that the style (horizontal or vertical) of a cabinet matters. Some will work for a particular multicade upgrade, and some will not. Then, there is the second matter of images not displaying correctly. Unless the multicade has provided for formatting a vertical game to display correctly on a horizontal monitor, there is no interchangeability. Bottom line – the game orientation of the multicade has to be formatted correctly, and then matched to the cabinet style.

So, in practice, what does all of this mean?

  1. If you want to play only vertical classics, then the iCade 60-in-1 is your best choice. The cabinet would have to accept a vertically oriented monitor. And, depending on the cabinet size, the monitor size could be 19″ or 25″.
  2. If you want to play only horizontal fighting classics, then the Capcom 18-in-1 would be a good choice. The cabinet would have to accept a horizontally oriented monitor. And, depending on the cabinet size, the monitor size could be 19″ or 25″.
  3. If you want to play a combination of vertical and horizontal games, then the Games Family 1940-in-1 is your best choice. The cabinet would have to accept a horizontally oriented monitor. And, the monitor size should be 25″ in order to present the vertical games’ images in about a 17″ height size.
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July 3

Get Paid to Play Games Online

If you are a avid gamer you should know something. You can get paid to play games online for free. There are a whole host of websites out there on the internet that allow you to earn money when you compete in two play games as well as large tournaments. It really just depends on what your preference is. Most people enjoy playing simple two player games because the odds of winning are much greater.

The best thing is there are websites in every gaming niche on the internet these days. The gaming industry has really exploded online. There are also jobs for game testing. However, these jobs are much harder to obtain because you have to apply for them. With other ways you do not have to apply or even pay a sign up fee. You just join for free and get started earning money playing your favorite game. Then just watch the money flow into your paypal account.

First, lets start off by explaining how the first job works, the one where you compete in either two play games or tournaments. These websites are free to join. After you join you compete against everyday people from all around the world. There are tons of these websites on the internet now. A few notable ones include: worldwinner, king, and iWon. Each has its own niche as far as gaming goes besides the three I just named off. They have games available in almost every category including arcade, strategy, board, racing, hunting, sports, retro, and three dimensional games.

You just pick the website that offers the selection of games that appeals to you the most. When you are trying to get paid to play games online for free you will need to join the website with games that you find most enjoyable. If you are really looking to make money with this you should not join a whole bunch of these and play a whole bunch of different games. It is better to pick one site and focus on mastering one game. then you can use that game to boosts your income.

Now I am going to explain how the second job works. It is a lot more rare to find opportunities where you can realistically get hired to test out video games. You have to find companies with websites where you can apply online. Also you will need to live close to the company or companies you find to have a actual chance of getting hired. However, if you are persistent enough you will most likely find a job where you can test games and get paid to play games online for free.

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July 2

Best PC Racing Game

When talking about best PC racing game, there’s always a war of words. You don’t even need two people to have a fight, because it’s very hard for one to decide what’s the best PC racing game yet. For example, Burnout Paradise PC is the best one I can think of now, but when looking back, things may change a bit… so let’s take a look at the history of PC gaming for a while, shall we?

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need real locations and vehicles to get a good racing game going. In fact, we can see anything from completely Sci-Fi settings to real world places and vehicles, and that includes land, air, and sea vehicles(there are only a few boats racing games I’ve played, but they were awesome!).

One of the big problems nowadays is that arcade-style games are becoming more and more popular, leaving the hardcore racing sims to a few fans. This could be easily explained by the early age most game consumers get a PC, when compared to what happened 15 or 20 years ago.

The history of computer racing starts in 1982, with Namco’s game Pole Position, followed by a bunch of others, but probably the best racing games I’ve played for a while were these: Formula One Grand Prix, Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge, and the first NASCAR Racing game, developed back in 1994. Jumping from hardcore driving sims to full arcade games, best PC racing game crown jumped from a title to another, and there are dozens of games worth being mentioned here.

In the beginning, I named Burnout Paradise PC as an example, but who can forget the first Need for Speed games, the Colin McRae Rally series, the two Official WTCC games, RACE and RACE 07, or those good old Screamer racing games?

Considering that great racing games like Gran Turismo are staying away from the PC world, some may claim that PC racing games are going down, and some titles released lately may confirm this idea. The good part is that, as far as Microsoft Windows keeps going on, we’ll have a lot of PC racing games around, and some of them show that the way of the future is a realistic handling and damage model with arcade elements and fictional cars(licensing fees, you know…) that don’t fly or float, in most cases.

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